Examples of LS PANELs application

Single-family houses

LS PANEL is designed for construction of standard single-family houses, best utilized in areas where using heavy machinery is not an option or for self-help construction of your house.

Cottages and tiny houses

For little cottages, cabins and tiny houses, the LS PANEL is ideal. Smaller building projects are not interesting for companies or lucrative for investors. Consequently, people often resort to self-help construction.

Extensions and superstructures

For extensions and superstructures, the LS PANEL is very beneficial since companies tend to avoid these oftentimes arduous little construction completions or reconstructions. With LS PANEL, extensions or superstructures are built swiftly. In addition, if you are fond of wood, you will certainly appreciate it as the visual surface material in the interior.

Saunas and partitions

LS PANEL is lightweight and compact so that you are able to go through the door with it, thus it is suitable for internal structures such as saunas or internal partition walls.

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