Solid Wood Building System

Benefits of LS PANELs

Simple Construction

Simple construction in inaccessible terrain


Light but durable building elements

Easy transport

Suitable for construction in inaccessible terrain


Solid wood panels (SWP) made of a renewable material


Good static properties

Aesthetic properties

Beauty of wood in interior

LS PANEL (“Lehké stavební panely”, i.e. light building panels) is a building system founded on the utilization of a very endurable and load-resistant Solid Wood Panel (SWP). The main idea behind the whole building system is simplicity of construction, even in areas where heavy mechanization or truck transportation is not viable. Light building panels are designed in such a way that the whole house or different buildings can be constructed by two people without any sort of mechanization.

The largest benefit of the LS PANEL building system is the aesthetic visual quality of individual building panels—walls, ceilings and roofs. Hence, you may enjoy the beauty and scent of wood without plastering or drywalling the panel surface. Not only will you utilize the advantages of LS PANELs when constructing new-build properties, but also for any small-sized buildings, extensions, superstructures, interior structures or, for example, saunas.

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