Presenting the building system

Simple Construction

Simple construction in inaccessible terrain

Easy transport

Suitable for construction in inaccessible terrain


Good static properties


Light but durable building elements


Solid wood panels (SWP) made of a renewable material

Aesthetic properties

Beauty of wood in interior

Simple Construction

Construction by two people

The LS PANEL building system is designed in such a way that the construction can be managed by two people without any sort of mechanization. For this reason, it is ideal for self-help construction of tinier buildings, internal partition walls, but also for a standard single-family house or even a building of larger proportions. LS PANEL is very beneficial for any kind of superstructures or extensions even in areas inaccessible for cars or larger vehicles.

Individual panels can be brought to the construction site via a trailer or a smaller van.

For the construction itself you will not need any sophisticated tools. A cordless screwdriver, a spirit level, a hammer, a caulking gun and a ladder is good enough.

Fasteners and necessary components included in the delivery

As a part of the delivery of the LS PANEL system, you will not only receive the panels themselves, but also every fastening and anchoring component, tapes, sealants, anchors, OSB boards etc., all included in a comprehensive bill of materials. The delivery also includes lintels for the specified construction openings, thresholds for wall anchoring on the ground floor and components for installing formwork wreaths.

Tabulka spojovacího materiálu k LS panelům

Comprehensive documentation with details

A detailed, clearly and precisely written manual with all the detail is also included in the delivery, comprising every connection necessary to be solved during any kind of construction.

Dokumentace k montáži LS panelů

Easy transport

Small-sized and lightweight elements

During the designing process of the LS PANEL system, an emphasis was put on a solution for construction in areas inaccessible for a crane, a lorry or other larger vehicles. The compact design of individual elements allows construction by just two people and also guarantees easier transportation.


Mechanical properties of LS PANELs

Every element is designed in such a way to allow a construction of buildings such as standard single-family houses, multi-storey superstructures or extensions.

LS Panel Basic and LS Panel Basic Therm are designed from a high-quality SWP of 42 mm thickness for a perpendicular static load of 1,500 kg and a live load of 1,090 kg, meaning a load of 2,590 kg weight in total.

Against the action of horizontal forces, the panel is designed for a wind force of 32.5 m/s speed (117 km/h), i.e. the force of a storm.

Odolnost LS panelů

Panel KVH Ceiling and Panel KVH Roof

These panels are composed of two support beams from KVH prisms (lumber dried to 15 % of moisture content +-3 %, planed and longitudinally connected with a tin joint) of 60 x 240 mm cross-section connected to a high-quality three-layer SWP NOVATOP of 27 mm thickness.

This panel is designed for a perpendicular surface static load of 180 kg/m2 and a live load of 150 kg/m2. One ceiling panel of 4.8 m spacing is designed for a total load of 990 kg.

Nosnost LS panelů


Building in two people

Weight of the Panel Basic (SWP 42 mm thickness + connecting strip) is around 50–60 kg depending on the floor to floor height. Therefore it is manageable for two people to operate with the panel.

Weight of the ceiling or roof panel KVH depends on it length. Its estimated weight at 3.5 m length is (2× KVH prism 60 × 240 + SWP 27 mm thickness) around 72 kg. It is recommended to invite one more person to operate with this panel in case of increased length.


LS PANEL is from wood

LS PANEL is a solid wood building system, wood being one of the few building materials which is, in terms of carbon consumption and cycle, in positive values. That is why it is a sustainable way of construction. You may argue that trees need to be cut down for this building system, but age takes its toll on trees anyway and if forests are managed properly in the long-term, it is desirable to renew and rejuvenate them.

Aesthetic properties

Beauty of wood in interior

A variety of building systems requires both sides to be finalized in a form of plaster, drywall etc.

LS PANEL needs an insulated exterior with a facade as well, but its interior presents the beauty of natural wood which brings warmth and scent to every room.

Vizualizace LS panelů v interiéru
Pohledovou stranu je vhodné ošetřit např. tenkovrstvou bílou lazurou,
Spoje mezi panely jsou zřejmé a mají mezi sebou tzv. fázičku

It is advised to treat the visible wooden surface with a thin layer of white glaze to illuminate the entire interior and significantly slow down the yellowing of (photodegradation) of timber.

Joints between panels are visible and have a so-called “phasis” between them.

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